Anette Kruger

SOUTH AFRICA - Bib no: 466

Residence: South Africa
Hobbies: Flying, caving, hiking, mountain biking, stydying, photography, art, cooking, motorbike racing, climbing, diving, fishing, canoeing, Krav, writing, exploring, dreaming
How many years running: Races/events? Or just for the joy of moving?
Fastest Marathon Time/When: Haha, never tried one, mainly just run around on the reserve’s rocky hills for fun.
Most interesting races: One of Trail Adventure’s crazy 15km ones. It wasn’t long distance, but the ascends and descents were unparalleled.  It was soaking wet after heavy rains and the route was practically on the edge of slippery, jagged dolomite cliffs the whole time (with two semi-hidden, unmarked, black-as-night sink holes opening at your feet for extra excitement). I finished first in my category but in over 3 hours! My heart raced more from adrenaline than effort.
Charity: Def QASA. Ari Seirlis has done so much to give quad/paras purpose and there is an honesty to this charity that I find inspirational.
Why KAEM: We all need at least one boundary pushing challenge every month, make sure that you don’t stay in comfort zone too long. October seems like a good month for this extra special one.
Number of KAEMs completed: 0