Annie Dougall

UNITED KINGDOM - Bib no: 219

Residence: Bournemouth, UK
Specialist running shop
 21……OK 66 🙁
Hobbies: Well of course i hate running and being in the great outdoors?? Love eating good food , drinking good wine with friends! Like to get out on my mountain bike on the forest trails where i live. Love drinking lovely proper coffee and spending time with my “guys” and girlfriends. A lot of you will know Rad from the 3 years he has done on the support crew.
How many years running: 16 years
Fastest Marathon Time/When: 3.38 London Marathon
Most interesting races: KAEM of course! The Way Of Legends in Spain. Al Andalus Ultimate Trail (AAUT) in Spain. Lots of trail events Marathon and Ultra Marathon in UK organised by White Star Running and XNRG (Extreme Energy) and Endurance Life.
Why KAEM: Addicted to it and unable to find treatment but at my age I’ve lost my marbles so thats my excuse 🙂 🙂
Number of KAEMs completed: 6