Charl du Plessis

SOUTH AFRICA - Bib no: 460

Residence: South Africa, Melkbosstrand
Chartered Accountant (SA)
Hobbies: Philosophy and theology
How many years running: 6 years
Fastest Marathon Time/When: 4:17 in 2017
Most interesting races: Marathon du Medoc in Bordeaux, Great Wall of China marathon, Washie 100 Miler, Comrades, Two Oceans, Laingsburg Ultra
Charity: City of Refuge, Middelburg
Why KAEM: When my friend Stefan Muller first told me about the race a few year ago and showed me the video, the concept of the race gripped me and it has been on the bucket list ever since. Also, I love the desert of the Kalahari and the Karoo. When I did the Washie last year with Maryke, we realised that this is something that we both wanted to do and the decision was made there and then
Number of KAEMs completed: 0