Erica Terblanche

SOUTH AFRICA - Bib no: 30

Residence: South Africa
Well-being, resilience and relationship coach
Hobbies: Running, surfing, hiking, poetry, long distance bike touring, positive psychology, writing, kayaking, running coaching, mountain biking, climbing, adventure racing, people development, performance optimization and so on lol
Years Running: 21 years
Fastest Marathon: 3:30, 2011
Most interesting races: Sahara 250km Racing the planet, Runfire Cappadocia 250km, Utah Grand to Grand 250km, Atacama Racing the Planet 250km, Bull of Africa adventure race 500km, Mzuno 24 hour Enduro, England , Dorking Nutter 28km obstacle race in winter lol… Swazi Extreme 270km
Why KAEM: It is a special reunion… I ran the race in 2002 and am back to see my dearest friends who have kept it going for 20 years
Number of KAEMs completed: 2