Hugh Glyn-Jones

SOUTH AFRICA - Bib no: 379

Residence: Pembrokeshire and Oxfordshire UK
Chartered Accountant, Consultant and Royal Airforce Reservist.
Hobbies: Endurance and adventure sports
How many years running: Too, too many
Fastest Marathon Time/When: 3h20, Elands Valley, in the year after the rinderpest
Most interesting races: Drifter Adventure Racing Series, Swazi Xtreme Adventure Racing Series, 11 Comrades Marathons, Duzi Canoe Marathon, Beyond the Ultimate, 250km Self Supported Ultra Marathon Race Series, Desert, Jungle and Mountain, KAEM 2015
Charity: WIP
Why KAEM: Because it is a very well organised, extreme race in a beautiful area with a good mix of participants of different gender, ability and culture and because I didn’t get a medal in 2015 so I still need to get one.
Number of KAEMs completed: 0