Philip Waudby

SOUTH AFRICA - Bib no: 98

Residence: Pennington, South Africa
Age: 66
Hobbies: Bonsai trees, running
How many years running: 25
Fastest Marathon Time/When: 3:30 – a long time ago
Most interesting races: KAEM, Kaapsehoop 42km, Loskop 50km, 2 Oceans 56km, Benoni to Augrabies 933km
Charity: Save the Rhino International
Why KAEM: Done the race 3 times, have been pulled by the race Dr. 3 times and I do not want to go out on a DNF.  Too run to save our precious Rhinos, some are now extinct due to poaching.  To come back to this lovely part of our country, to be with the family again and make new friends.
Number of KAEMs completed: 0