Stephan Keller

Stephan Keller

SWITZERLAND - Bib no 360

Residence: Zurich (Uster) Switzerland
 Manager for social benefits restaurants
Age: 60
Hobbies: Running, Ultra running, hiking, skiing, cooking and eating well with friends
How many years running: 35
Fastest Marathon Time/When: 3:14 Zurich Marathon
Most interesting races: KAEM, Munga Trail SA, Comrades Marathon, Tor des Géants, Burgos the Way of Legends, Ultratrail Cape Town, Swiss Irontrail, Swiss Eiger Trail, Swiss Alpine, Jungfrau Marathon
Bhutan the last secret, 100 Miles Berlin Wall Race, Diverse City Marathons
Charity: AYOBA  ; Camp Sweetdale
Why KAEM: Once you have looked into the wide starry sky in the Kalahari, you want to do it over and over again. And because I found friends for life at KAEM.
Number of KAEMs completed: 2