Desert Running

KAEM — what to eat?

"What to eat?" is one of the most asked questions when it comes to extreme, ultra marathons such as KAEM. Nutrition is probably the most important factor to ensure the successful completion of an extreme trail running event such as the Kalahari Augrabies...

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At the KALAHARI AUGRABIES EXTREME MARATHON (KAEM) Edited by Kim van Kets Photography by Hermien Burger Webb By definition an extreme sporting event is a recreational activity that involves a high degree of risk. These activities involve speed, height or an extreme...

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Running in Sand

By Altie Clark Running in sand is hard.  Running in sand with a 10 kg backpack is very hard.  Running in sand, in 45 degree Celsius heat with a 10 kg backpack is extremely hard.  Running in sand, in 45 degree Celsius heat, with a 10 kg backpack on day 4 of a 250 km...

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Desert Running – Training to “Run” KAEM

By Dirk Cloete Desert running requires physical stamina, endurance and mental tenacity. However, training to run through the desert is quite important if you want to have a successful race. According to the statistics of Racing the Planet, the company who presents the...

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Food Tips for Self-sufficient 7 Day Event

Blind adventurer Geoff Hilton-Barber, who has completed the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon five times, compiled this suggested Food and Packing List. Introduction This food list/menu is intended only as a guide to people who are participating in the Kalahari...

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Footcare for Adventure Racing

By Lisa de Speville You've put in weeks of training and preparation ensuring that your legs will hold up to hour after hour on the bike and trekking up hills. You've worked your upper body, ensuring that you'll have the strength for climbing, rope ascents and...

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