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Cobus Oosthuizen

Cobus Oosthuizen

Nationality: South African
Age:  42
Occupation: Consultant
Hobbies: Scuba Dive, Surf & making music
Fastest Marathon time and when: Shees can’t remember when last I have run a marathon
Years running: Since 2011 (my first KAEM)
Most interesting races: KAEM – I have done a few runs/races, but nothing comes close to the KAEM. It is interesting on all levels. Interesting environment. Interesting conditions. Interesting people…and most Interesting and amazing crew 🙂
Charity: LifeXchange – Mentoring Vulnerable and High Risk Youth
Why KAEM: I stumbled upon her many years ago and totally fell head over heals in love with her. She is tough and not gentile at all, yet she is consistent. Even though she is not very sexy, she is super hot! She is not the friendliest, yet radiates an indescribable beautify. But most of all, she allows me to be and become, the best version of myself.
KAEMs completed: 3