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Stefano Migliore

Stefano Migliore

Nationality: South Africa
Age:  54
Occupation: businessman
Hobbies: running, biking, cooking,
Fastest Marathon time and when: 3:44 – November 2019
Years running: 8+
Most interesting races: First comrades at 50 was really cool.
Namaqua Quest was nice, loved running in dry arid areas.
On the mountain bike La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica (2019) was off the charts physically and Munga (2017) was a big one for the mind.
Why KAEM: I have been wondering about Marathon des Sables for some years and then in 2019 in Costa Rica I met a fellow competitor that had done and he took me through the challanges involved and realized that it was something I could accomplish so I logged it onto my to-do list. I then found out about KAEM and I love the Kalahari and super chuffed that it’s a local event so it was a no-brainer after that.
KAEMs completed: 0