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Tracy Zunckel

Nationality: South Africa
Age:  47
Occupation: House wife
Hobbies: Camping, hiking, running, cooking meals for the family

Fastest Marathon time and when: I think 3h 14min in 2016! Ooops!
Years running: Many!! 40! Since I was 7!
Most interesting races: Wales, Lllundudno, Mountiain Mutter, France SA champs, Richtersveld, Wild coast ultra, And mostly the fun adventures I have with my friends in the Ukahlamba Drakensberg!
Why KAEM: Always been on my bucket list. Solitude, self reliance and soulful journey. Simplicity, diverse and unique scenery and landscapes. Time away, endurance and most of all the fun getting to meet new people and see new places.
KAEMs completed: 0