KAEM 2017 Daily Articles

KAEM 2017 Reflections

By Kim van Kets ‘I don’t push it and I don’t hang about.  If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, it stands to reason that I’m going to get there.  I’ve begun to think that we sit much more than we’re supposed to.” He smiled. “Why else would we have...

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Day 7 article – The Last Leg

FINAL DAY - 21km By Kim van Kets “Ooh I’m going to MISS camping!” says Emily wistfully as we all sit around the “fire” on or last night.  Really?  Really?  I’m sure we can get Brendes/Rambo (our glorious Camo Camp Kommandant/CCK) to rig up a gazebo for anyone who is...

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Day 6 Article

By Kim van Kets Day 6 - 46km Bloody Scalding as usual don't know actual temp Today began with way too much optimism considering how it ended.  Whew.  Its never over ‘til its over.  I woke up in top spirits.  I had an excellent sleep, opened my eyes before dawn and lay...

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Day 4&5 Article

By Kim van Kets The Loooooong Day (in fact the longest 74km in the history of running) Temperature: Blisteringly hot and freezing cold “There are some who like to run, they run for fun in the hot, hot sun!” Dr Seuss Some stats to begin with: We started out with 41...

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Day 3 – 40km

By Kim van Kets 38’ (but definitely much hotter in the evil microwave gorges!) We are at the River (thank God!) and I am delirious with heat and exhaustion and urgently need to join the rest of the camp for a hearty whinging session so this may be short.  Today was...

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Day 2 – 35km

By Kim van Kets My race blogs may get shorter as the week progresses…the difficulty is that for a long time after we arrive in camp our brains seem to be in power save.  We sit down and then stare blankly at our packs with slightly glazed looks, uncertain what to do...

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