KAEM 2018 Daily Blog

KAEM 2018 Reflections

By Kim van Kets This may be the first in a series of reflections.  I have so many random and disjointed thoughts that I have no idea how to herd them all into some semblance of logic or group them into themes, so bear with me.My first post race thought is that this...

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Stage 6, Day 7: 26km, unbearably hot

By Kim van Kets I know today is meant to be a mere formality…I mean what is a measly 26km when you already have 224 in the bag.  But that’s the challenge of this day.  You think it’s over but its not.  This was my toughest day, hands down. As always lets wrap up...

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DAY 1 25km – Temperature not too bad

By Kim van Kets It is an unspeakable relief to finally close the last zip, realize that it is what it is, decisions are over, there can be no more debate about whether my Woolies Bruschetta will fit in (sadly not).  As usual the relief and excitement of the beautiful...

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KAEM 2018 – Arrival & Registration

By Kim van Kets Really, the beginning of a new year should be marked by the start of KAEM rather than something a random and pointless as new year’s eve.  A whole year has passed since the full moon when it all happened and EVERYONE should be encouraged to celebrate...

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