KAEM 2019 – 20th Edition Daily Blog

The KAEM 2019 race starts on 12 October 2019. The daily blog articles will be posted here after the completion of the day.

Day 3 40km

Day 3 Tough - 42 degrees C. Despite everybody saying on yesterday’s finish line that Death Valley lived up to its name, the talk at supper was about how tough the last 6k were. Unfortunately Genis had to withdraw after finishing due to a medical condition....

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Day 2 – 32km

Day 2 - 32km The mood in the camp last night was good; everyone was pleased to have survived the severe test of clambering over the rocks by the river in the heat. It also helped that the rumours about LD (camp boss) turned out be untrue. He is old school...

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DAY 1 25km

By Edward Chapman KAEM 2019 Day 1 - Hylton Dunn - Photography: HermienWebb Photography   The atmosphere was a little subdued at the start line partly because Tony had to retire even before the race started, but also because the bravado of the last few days had...

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KAEM 2019 – Arrival & Registration

By Edward Chapman Runners come to the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon from all over the world as well as from all parts of South Africa. This year 15 counties are represented. The international entrants had their first endurance challenge at Johannesburg airport...

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